Social & Emotional Support

Vision loss can be isolating. We bring people together through social activities, support groups, and mentorships.


Every month, we host 20-30 activities that build community among people living with vision loss. Check out the list of events and join us!

Support Groups

Support groups help people with vision loss adjust to this new phase in their lives. Call us to find a group that’s right for you: (612) 871-2222, or email

Peer Mentors

Mentorships pair longtime clients with people new to the vision loss journey for practical and emotional support. Call us at (612) 871-2222 to learn more and find a mentor match.

It was like talking with a long-lost friend who understands me completely.

Allie, on her peer mentor


Our volunteers help clients with grocery shopping, reading, and other activities. Interested in giving back? Fill out our brief volunteer interest form.

DeafBlind Services Minnesota

Providing one-to-one support for deafblind infants, children, youth, and adults, including interveners and Support Services Providers (SSPs).