Tips for Living with Vision Loss

1. Lighting

  • Read more easily with direct lighting over your shoulder
  • Sit with your back to a window to reduce glare
  • Keep a small flashlight handy for better lighting, even in a dark restaurant

2. Magnification

  • BIGGER and bolder is best: large-print checks, thick felt-tip pens
  • Try hand-held magnifiers and desktop devices like CCTVs

3. Contrast

  • Serve milk in a dark cup and coffee in a light cup to prevent spills
  • Line a refrigerator shelf with dark contact paper to make light items easier to locate
  • Plug electrical cords into dark outlet covers on light walls

4. Learn from others

  • Meet people who are going through same thing at Vision Loss Resources activities and support groups

5. Technology

  • Explore audio books: multiple formats available at low or no cost
  • Learn voice recognition and text-to-speech functions on your smartphone and tablet

6. Creativity

  • Put a rubber band around the shampoo bottle to distinguish it from the conditioner
  • Use tactile stickers to feel for the right buttons on devices and appliances

As a Vision Loss Resources client says about everyday challenges: “There is a new way out there.”

Vision Loss Resources can help.

Email today and start learning how to adapt, connect, and thrive.