Senior Program

Adapt to vision loss with independent living skills classes. Learn techniques to age in place and stay independent.

Where to Start: a Low Vision Assessment

Contact State Services for the Blind (SSB) at (651) 539-2373 and let them know you would like a low vision assessment. They will evaluate the impact of your vision loss and make personalized recommendations to help you keep doing the things you love — from reading the newspaper to cooking for yourself and much more.   Your loved ones are welcome to participate. Ask for Independent Living Skills (ILS) training with us at VLR.

Independent Living Skills Training

Small group, personalized lessons based on your individual goals and interests. Popular topics include smartphones and other technology, safe cooking skills and managing laundry, dining and household organization.

Call (612) 871-2222 or email to learn more about the courses available.

Looking for community?

Connect with others going through the same things you are. Learn more about our Social & Emotional Support.

What my mother likes is that Vision Loss Resources groups and events are very stimulating. It’s not just passing time. It’s about learning something, doing something and meeting people.

Linda, whose mother is a Vision Loss Resources client