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Community Services

Most people with age-related vision loss will not become completely blind. Instead, they will experience partial or moderate loss of vision. Our specialists provide the training and support to help an older adult develop the confidence to remain independent at home.


Rehabilitation Center 

We offer a comprehensive training program for people adjusting to vision impairment or blindness. Build the skills for greater independence in the workplace, at school, and in everyday life.


DeafBlind Services Minnesota 

DeafBlind Services Minnesota (DBSM) provides assistance to deafblind individuals of all ages and all abilities to achieve their highest level of independence and self-sufficiency. DBSM is an LLC of Vision Loss Resources.


Volunteer Services

Our trained volunteers offer assistance to people with vision loss in their homes and their communities, for example: reading, shopping. Volunteers also facilitate and assist with educational and recreational activities from the Community Center program.