Board of Executives for Long-Term Services and Supports

Continuing Education Approval application

Course name: Supporting low vision/blind residents – techniques for daily living that enhance quality of life, maintain independence, and support mental well-being.

This activity has been designed to meet the Minnesota Board of Executives for Long Term Services and supports continuing education requirements.

Learning Objectives – Participants will learn visual cues that suggest residents may have low vision. Participants will learn techniques of daily living that assist residents in maintaining their quality of life, independence, and mental well-being.

Name and Qualifications of Instructor – Renee Waclaw certified by Minnesota State Services for the Blind (SSB) as an Independent Living Instructor. Over 8 years of experience with the Low Vision Blind community as a Community Service Specialist and BS from Metro State University in Individualized Studies focus on Gerontology.

Number of Contact Hours – 1 hour course (Online)

Pricing starts at $45/attendee with discounts for larger groups.

Program Breakdown – 15-minute increments.

  • Review Eye Diseases
  • Grief and Mental Health Support
  • Low Vision/ Blind etiquette
  • Technology – apps and accessibility features

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*Only eligible for Minnesotans*