Illuminating vision loss: schedule a presentation today!

Five sighted board members and managers tried on low vision simulator goggles and attempted to read or see long distances.

If you’re a sighted person, our trained specialists would like to help you understand a little more about the experience of having vision loss or blindness. Informational presentations are right for just about any group. Hands-on trainings are for professionals who may work with people with vision loss; fields include health care, technology, retail, and much more.

Like all the best learning experiences, our presentations and trainings are fun! Below are some photos from a mini-training at a recent board meeting, when our board members and managers tried to accomplish tasks without using their vision.

It’s easy to share the fun and the knowledge with your book club, community group, workplace, house of worship, or other gathering. Simply email or call (612) 871-2222 and ask to schedule a presentation or a training. Our specialists will visit your group for a dynamic, unforgettable learning experience.

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