Minnesota Department of Human Services: Telephone Equipment Distribution Program

Improve access to the phone during Better Hearing and Speech month

Do you have a hard time using the phone due to hearing loss or a speech disability? May is Better Hearing and Speech month, and a great time to learn more about assistive devices that can make it easier to use the phone.

For people who have a hard time hearing on the phone, assistive devices include:

  • Captioned phones that show captions of what the other caller is saying on a large screen.
  • Cell phone amplifiers that make cell phone calls louder.
  • Amplified corded or cordless phones that make landline calls louder.
  • Neckloop streamers that send sound from your phone directly to your hearing aid, eliminating background noise.
  • Smartphones and tablets with captioned phone and other phone communication apps.

For people who have a speech disability, assistive devices include:

  • Electrolarynx devices that create vibrations you can transform into speech.
  • Voice amplifiers to make your voice louder.
  • Smartphones and tablets with speech communication apps.

The Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program loans these devices for free to those who qualify. You can learn more — and download an application — on the TED webpage

Do you have questions about the TED Program?

Please contact DHHSD!

Videophone: 651-964-1514
Voice or preferred relay service: 800-657-3663
Email: dhs.dhhsd@state.mn.us
Web: mn.gov/deaf-hard-of-hearing

We look forward to serving you!

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