Getting around the Twin Cities with a navigation app

Vision Loss Resources clients are among the Metro Transit users who are busy test-driving an app that provides navigation assistance to low-vision or blind commuters.

Metro Transit wants to make sure that the popular app, called Aira (pronounced EYE-rah), will work well within their transit systems.

Aira is an app-based audio service that provides real-time visual interpretation and navigation assistance. The user wears smart glasses or holds up their smartphone to show their surroundings to a trained, sighted Aira agent who will describe visual information and may use GPS to help the user navigate the space, read schedules, and plan a trip. Metro Transit is covering the cost of rides for the individuals who are testing out the Aira app.
The Metro Transit trial of Aira began in June and will continue through December 7, 2021; visit this page to learn more about the trial and to download the app.
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