Empowering Lives: Insights from Vision Loss Resources Students

At Vision Loss Resources (VLR), our mission is to empower individuals with vision loss to lead fulfilling and independent lives. In this blog post, we’ll share the perspectives of three of our students – Norm, Bruce, and Bill – as they discuss their journeys and the role VLR has played in their lives.

Norm: Overcoming Challenges and Finding Support

“Norm, why do you come to Vision Loss Resources?”

“All my life I have lived with a severe hearing loss, and the last 15 years I’ve been going through the process of diminishing vision. So years ago I went to VLR for the back-to-work program, and I got back-to-work as much as I could. And yeah, I went through a long process but VLR helped me get my life back, which is invaluable because for a while there I was pretty scared of what was happening. And with the staff at VLR, and the people I met at VLR, with the support group we’ve had that I have been going to ever since has been wonderful support and has helped me adapt and has helped me learn to just laugh – laugh at myself a lot. So it has been a great place to come to and I am grateful for VLR.”

Bruce: Embracing Technology and Independence

“Bruce, why do you come to Vision Loss Resources support groups in technology?”

“I have been totally blind all my life, and so cellphone technology was very fearful to me because I had never used it. And with the technology classes I have had here at VLR, I’ve learned to use Instacart so that I can shop for my own groceries, and a little beer when I want it. I can play music on Apple Music and iTunes. I am able to text and correspond with people by phone. It just been extremely helpful from the standpoint of learning to use technology that I had never used prior to this time.”

Bill: Navigating Non-Visual Technology with Confidence

“Hello, my name is Bill and I am a client at VLR. I come here for the technology work they do, it is awesome. It keeps me up with whatever non visual technology is available. And the companionship of all the fine people here.”

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