2024 Ski for Light International Event

🎿 Shining a Spotlight on the 2024 Ski for Light International Event! 🎿

We’re excited to join hands with Ski for Light, Inc. as they bring forth an extraordinary event that celebrates inclusivity and adventure. Introducing the week-long cross-country skiing experience tailored for individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or have mobility challenges. This event, with a rich history spanning almost 50 years, promises an inspiring journey alongside dedicated Cross-Country Ski guides.

🌲 A Journey of Empowerment

Ski for Light fosters a vibrant community where strengths are celebrated. This annual event offers an opportunity to connect with nature, forge friendships, and unleash your potential through the exhilarating sport of Cross-Country Skiing.

✨ Guiding the Way

Throughout this journey, experienced Cross-Country Skiing instructors are by your side, providing guidance and support. Their expertise ensures a safe, enjoyable, and transformative skiing experience.

❄️ Embark on Your Unique Adventure

Imagine the thrill of gliding through picturesque landscapes, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. The event features trails catering to various skill levels, enabling participants to engage in cross-country skiing and discover a newfound passion.

🗓️ Save the Date

Mark your calendar for January 28 to February 4, 2024 – the dates of this exceptional event in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. It’s your chance to be part of an adventure that transcends barriers and creates cherished memories.

👉 Learn More & Ignite Your Excitement

Ready to be a part of this life-enriching experience? Explore their website for detailed information (applications, costs, physical fitness), inspiring stories, and resources to embark on this incredible journey: https://www.sfl.org/

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