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Volunteer with Vision Loss Resources


Do what you love — and volunteer!

There are several main roles for volunteers, depending on what our clients need:

READER: Read aloud! From sorting through the mail, to skimming the latest issue of a favorite magazine, your eyes – and your voice! – will be of great help to a person with low vision or blindness.

SHOPPER: What’s on the shopping list? It could be groceries, clothing, or gifts for the grandkids. As a volunteer, you will walk through the store with a client and assist when needed to locate specific items.

WALKER: Stay active! Join a group of regularly scheduled walkers with low vision or blindness, who meet in a public place such as a mall to get some exercise; or go on a walk one-on-one with a client.

CALLER: Busy schedule? You probably have a few minutes to make a phone call to a client! Check in, ask how they’re doing, and chat about what’s new. Your phone call is a day-brightener that could make a big difference in the overall well-being of a person with vision loss.

The mission of Vision Loss Resources is to create a community of service, skills and support for people with vision loss. As a volunteer, you are crucial to our mission. You respond to the changing needs of the people who we serve.

Time Commitment

You name it. We have opportunities available for weekly visits, monthly scheduled outings, one-time events, and more. We will work with you to find a way to volunteer that suits your schedule and meets the needs of our clients.


Together, it’s more fun! Corporate groups, civic groups, and families can volunteer at Vision Loss Resources. Contact Jen Wittek, Volunteer Program Manager, to learn more: or 612-843-3421.


We will provide you with training so that you can better understand what life with vision loss is like. This might surprise you: a person who has vision impairment can do pretty much everything that a person with full vision can do; they may simply do it differently, with adjustments. You will learn different ways to offer assistance when needed.

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