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Adaptive Techniques for Pouring and Measuring Ingredients

adaptive pouring techniques for visually impairedIf you are a person who is losing your vision, you may find that some of the things you prepare in the kitchen end up someplace else.  Here are a few simple solutions to help you be more efficient in the kitchen. 

For a smaller clean-up area, use a tray or plate when you pour or measure ingredients.  It’s much easier to wash a plate than a whole counter. 

Use divided measuring cups — available in a variety colors — for easy and accurate measuring of dry and liquid ingredients.  Remember to contrast your colors too.  For instance, use a dark-colored measuring cup for light-colored ingredients. 

If you’ve found pouring hot liquids intimidating, here are a few safe techniques to do that. 

Place your finger slightly over the edge of the cup and stop pouring as soon as you feel the warmth of the liquid.  Or try wrapping your hand around the outside of the cup to feel the warmth.  Another method is to listen to the sound of the liquid echoing inside of the cup.  Another option is to use a liquid level indicator, which sits on the edge of the cup.  These are available at any kitchen gadget store. 

For dark liquids, like coffee, try pouring it into a light-colored cup. 

Some of these same techniques can be used when pouring cold liquids too.  Slowly pour the cold liquid into a glass, and use your index finger to gauge the level.  Or you can even listen to the change in sound as you pour. 

One final tip.  Before pouring any liquids, try experimenting by feel.  Compare the weight of an empty glass to one that’s half full to help yourself become more familiar with a full cup.  

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