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Two Major Ways of Coping with Vision Loss

inner strength vision loss resourcesInner Strength 

When we look at inner strength, we look at everything we bring to the table — all of our prior experiences, who we are as a person, what we have done, and what we have gone through. 

I often ask people to make a list of the losses in their life and people usually say, “Ellen, you don’t want to hear that.”  You know what?  I do.  As you look at what you’ve survived, you realize that you are strong and can handle anything life throws your way. 

Our inner strength comes from resilience.  Resilience is made up of our belief and support systems.  Studies show that people who believe in something – and interestingly, it doesn’t matter what it is – will have more resilience than those who don’t.  Surrounding yourself with people who share similar losses also helps.  They are the ones who really get it. 

Over time our inner strength comes from accomplishing and enjoying some of the things we’re able to get back to.  It also includes trying brand new things you’ve never done before in spite of your vision loss. 

Outer Resources 

Every day people tell me how blessed they are to be a part of the healing experience at Vision Loss Resources.  They’ll say, “I’ve met people I never would have met.  I had fun I never would have had.  And I’ve done things I never would have done.” 

We provide you with the skills, equipment and support you need to go on with your life, such as learning how to take care of your home, finances, how to use a white cane, learn mobility skills, Braille and other adaptive computer software. 

You have the strength and ability to enhance your life despite your vision loss.  There is hope.  You just need to take it one step at a time.  And Vision Loss Resources is here to support you.

~Ellen Morrow, MA, Counselor, Vision Loss Resources

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