Professionals & Caregivers

As of June 22, 2020, some trainings and presentations will be available remotely. Read details and updates here.


Hands-on trainings for professionals.

Learn how to work with people with vision impairments, and how to make sure your services are accessible. Does your workplace need a fun, hands-on and eye-opening training on how to better serve your patients, clients, or customers? Schedule a training by calling (612) 871-2222 or email us at or use the link below to add a training to your cart.


Informational presentations for civic groups, senior groups, and more.

Learn about common causes of vision loss, how to adapt to changes in vision, and how to adjust if you or someone you know has vision loss. Schedule a presentation, provided at no cost to you, by calling (612) 871-2222 or email us at, or use the link below to add a presentation to your cart.