Event News and Policies

August 2021 Update

We have wonderful opportunities and changes ahead at Vision Loss Resources. Through August and September, our team will be working on developing additional volunteer opportunities and community programs. Our Volunteer Manager Jen Wittek has announced her last day with Vision Loss Resources will be August 4th. The entire team at Vision Loss Resources wishes her the best in her next adventure.

To support our transition, volunteering and Community Center activities and events are on pause through the month of August and September to provide our team time to plan our expanding services.

To stay updated, please fill out the Newsletter Signup form that is at the very end of this page.

Moving forward, we are confident that this provides us with the opportunity to reevaluate and grow Community Services. We understand there will be questions and concerns and Mariah Lossing, Director of Programs, is available to help answer them: mariah@vlrw.org, (612) 843-3441.

The Weisman Art Museum wants to hear from you!

Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts on how the museum can create a more holistic experience for those with vision and hearing loss?  If so, contact info@vlrw.org to get connected.

Free Video Classes – Exercise, Yoga, and British History

During this unique time, Minnetonka Senior Services is committed to staying connected to you! As part of their outreach, over the next month they will be posting free video classes in the following categories:  Exercise, Yoga and British History. Check back weekly for new videos that will keep you engaged both intellectually and physically. And if you have any questions, please reach out to Senior and General Programs Manager Kaylee Wallin at 952-939-8393.

To learn more and to connect with these virtual classes, please visit:  https://www.minnetonkamn.gov/our-city/senior-services/virtual-programs

Email Group for Persons with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

If you are a person with Diabetes or pre-Diabetes and a vision loss, you are invited to join this new email group “Diabetics with Vision Loss”. The purpose of the group is for members to provide support to each other and to share their experiences and helpful information. Members can be hearing-blind/visually impaired or deafblind. The vision loss doesn’t have to be from Diabetes, but the combination of both causes some unique challenges. Information shared is not meant to replace medical advice from your own doctor.

By signing up for this group you accept that your name/identity will be shared with members of the group. Members agree to keep group information, including members names, private (not share outside of group).

Feel free to email Paul Deeming (pauld@dbsm.org), if you have questions or need more info before deciding to join or not.

To join, send a blank email to diabetics-with-vision-loss-support-group+subscribe@googlegroups.com

The Extraordinary History Project

The Extraordinary History Project pairs isolated elders with writers to create connections, share life stories and bring everyday history to light.  This project pairs a professional writer volunteer with an elder. They speak over the phone once per week to get to know each other and craft the elder’s life story. When they determine the story has been successfully told, each senior receives a printed copy of their life story.  The hope is that the connection between writer and subject continues well into the future.

To learn more and to sign-up for this project, please visit extraordinaryhistory.org.

American Council of the Blind Online Community Events

ACB has opportunities for you to connect with others from the comfort of your home. Stay current on all community events for the American Council of the Blind. Receive daily emails of the ACB Community Events for the day, and other timely information around these calls.

To receive up-to-date info on how to join ACB events, you can subscribe to the ACB Community Events email list in one of two ways:

Fill out the subscription form: http://acblists.org/mailman/listinfo/acb-community-events

Send an email to: acb-community-events-subscribe@acblists.org

Ideas for Upcoming Classes

What are you interested in? You name it: learning folk dancing, beginner’s American Sign Language? Please email info@visionlossresources.org to share your ideas.


Photo Policy: When you attend a Vision Loss Resources activity, your image may be recorded for use by VLR and/or our community partners. This use may include printed media, social media, or online uses. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Hailey Bailey, (612) 843-3404