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Vision Loss Resources: Services for people with vision loss

Get a glimpse of the wide range of services at Vision Loss Resources, where clients of all ages live vital and exciting lives with vision loss.


Vision Loss Resources: Adjustment to Blindness Rehabilitation Training Center

Our participants get ready for work, school, and dynamic everyday life in our rehabilitation training center. In this video, students share a wide variety of classes: from cooking to Braille, from woodworking to technology.


Vision Loss Resources: Celebrating 100 Years

We’re not “Minnesota’s best-kept secret” any longer. Find out how Vision Loss Resources changes lives. In this video, participants tell their stories of growth and achievement.


“The Way We See It”: Readings and Reflections

Our participants wanted to share their stories of their lives with vision impairment: they wanted to reach out to the world with their tales beautiful, challenging, funny, or galvanizing moments. The result is a beautifully written, professionally edited and published book, “The Way We See It: A Fresh Look at Vision Loss.” Don’t miss this riveting video; in their own words, the contributors to the book talk about their writing and their lives.


Nicole Kear: “When the World Dims, Be a Brave Light”

Don’t miss this witty, hilarious presentation from author Nicole Kear, who visited the Twin Cities in April 2015 to speak at Vision Loss Resources’ fundraising luncheon. Her acclaimed memoir, “Now I See You,” frames her life after learning at age 19 that she has retinitis pigmentosa. Kear is a graduate of Yale and Columbia, a blogger, circus contortionist, off-off-Broadway actor, world traveler, wife, mother of three, and best-selling author.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


Our History

Flashback! Speed through the years with this video on Vision Loss Resources’ history of service in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.


Regaining hope

The journey can be challenging; we’re here to offer support. In this video, you’ll meet three participants who came to realize that they can do most everything they used to do; they just have to do things differently, by using adaptive skills training.


Olympic runner Marla Runyan tells her story

Marla Runyan is an Olympic athlete and an instructor at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts. In 2014, she gave a riveting, funny keynote speech at our Centennial Year Kick-Off Luncheon. In the first half of her speech (Part One), you’ll hear her riveting story of how she lost her vision, and her hilarious story of winning the Twin Cities Marathon. In the second half (Part Two), Runyan shares her top three tips for living independently with vision impairment.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2