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Community Center Activities, June 2019

Calendar Grid or Listing of Activities

Register, Questions, and Cancellations: Call or Email 612-843-3439

RSVPing for events in June will begin 7:00 AM on Monday, May 27.

To listen to an audio version of the calendar, call the Activity Line at 612-253-5155.

Please RSVP for all activities every month. We ask that you RSVP at least 3 working days prior to event to ensure that we have enough registered participants, supplies, and volunteers.

Punny For Your Thoughts: How do you know if an air conditioning unit is haunted? It gives everyone the chills!


*Abbreviations: MPLS=Minneapolis, SP=St Paul

6/1 (SA): Outing: Ordway Center for the Arts, Golden Dragon Acrobats

12:45-3:30. Cost: $5.00
This is a special event presented by the Ordway as part of the Flint Hills Family Festival in downtown St. Paul. The Golden Dragon Acrobats create an audio-described sensational show based on centuries of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts. They make the impossible look effortless through a combination of award-winning acrobatics, traditional dance and spectacular costumes. Prior to the show, which is at 2 pm, there is a free audio-described tactile tour. The tour begins at 1 pm. Please let us know if you are interested in this. You may invite a sighted guest, who will be responsible for their ticket. Please schedule rides for 3:45 to 4 pm. Space is limited.
Please Note: This event’s RSVP ends on Friday, May 24th.
Address: 345 Washington St., St. Paul, 55102

6/3 (M): Games Extravaganza

10:00-12:00. In MPLS. Cost: $1.00
Come for lively fun with board and trivia games. There’s plenty of time for games, laughter, conversation, and a light snack.

6/4 (T): Tech 101: Voiceover

10:00-12:00 In SP. Cost: $10.00
Join us at this class where we will be working with Voiceover. Please bring headphones or earbuds to class.

6/5 (W): 3Fs: Fabric, Fiber, and Friends

1:00-3:30. In MPLS. No charge.
Do you enjoy knitting, crocheting, quilting, or creative hobbies? Then come in and bring your own project to work on as you enjoy the company of others. We donate many of our handmade items to local charities! This group also meets on the 12th, 19th, and 26th.

6/5 (W): Supper Club: The Loop West End Bar and Restaurant

This spacious and comfortable restaurant offers a varied menu which includes short ribs, walleye, chicken coconut curry, fish and chips, fish tacos (Randall!), burgers and other sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Happy hour is from 2 to 6 pm with a full-service bar. Due to the size of our group, gratuity will be automatically added to each bill. Plan your rides for 7 to 7:15 pm. Space is limited.
Menu at:
Address: 5331 West 16th St., St. Louis Park, 55416

6/6 (TH): Cards-500

10:00-12:00. In MPLS. Cost: $1.00
Enjoy some coffee and cards. Also meeting on the 27th.

6/10 (M): Walking Group

9:00-11:30. No charge.
Come join your friends as we walk for an hour, break for coffee and conversation, then walk for another hour at your own pace, paired with your own volunteer. It’s a fun, easy way to get up and moving! Space is limited.
Address: Door 13, Southdale Mall, Edina

6/10 (M): Hearts

12:00-2:00. In MPLS. Cost: $1.00
Come in and enjoy some coffee and cards.

6/11 (T): Ad. Tech: Demo Day

10:00-12:00. In SP. No charge.
Join us for a day of low vision technology demonstration. Please bring headphones or earbuds to class.

6/11 (T): Movie Matinee: A Dog’s Purpose

12:30-2:15. In MPLS. Cost: $1.00
Join us for a fun movie matinee, with popcorn. We will be playing the audio described movie A Dog’s Purpose (PG). Based on the best-selling book by the same name, the story follows a dog over several lifetimes, as he’s reincarnated as different breeds, belonging to various owners. Over the many lives, the canine’s existence intersects with that of a young boy who rescued him in 1962. It is charming, funny and sad. Starring Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton and Josh Gad as the voice of the dog. Schedule rides for 2:20 to 2:35 pm.

6/12 (W): Reader’s Choice Book Club

1:00-2:30. In MPLS. No charge.
For June we will be reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz (DB092598) by Heather Morris, and The Reason I Jump (DB077650) by Naoki Higashida. From 1:30-2:30 Sharon Darby Hendry, author of Glensheen’s Daughter (MDB02419) and Soliah: The Sara Jane Olson Story (DB055448); will join us. Please join us if you’ve read any of Sharon’s books.

6/12 (W): Bingo

5:00-7:00. In MPLS. Cost: $1.00
Everyone loves BINGO! Bring your friends and family for a night that is sure to be fun.

6/13 (TH): Gardening and Goodies

1:00-2:00. In SP. Cost: $1.00
Want to learn more about gardening? If so, join us for Gardening and Goodies. We will prep the garden area for the upcoming season. Snacks and gardening equipment are provided. If you have your own gardening supplies, please bring them. Come enjoy the outdoors and get your green thumb on! Space is limited. Also meets on the 27th.

6/14 (F): Flexibility Class

11:15-12:15. In SP. Cost: $5.00
Improve your flexibility and stability with gentle muscular stretches and myofascial self-release. Join us twice a month and learn exercises that you can practice at home. Range of motion, stabilizing, and muscle firming exercises will be practiced. Floor work is not required but highly encouraged. Bring a fitness mat, a rolling pin, and a tennis ball to receive the most beneficial workout. Space is limited. Meets again on the 21st.

6/17 (M): Cribbage

12:00-2:00. In MPLS. Cost: $1.00
Come in and enjoy some coffee and cards.

6/18 (T): Tech 101: Seeing AI

10:00-12:00. In SP. Cost: $10.00
At this class we will learn what the Seeing AI app can do. Please bring headphones or earbuds to class.

6/19 (W): Continuing Education

11:15-12:30. In MPLS. No charge.
This month’s session will focus on spring cleaning, both household and emotional, and how to “spark joy”. Based on Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and her new Netflix series. This is open to everyone. Please join us for a fun and lively discussion.

6/20 (TH): Calendar

9:00-11:00. In MPLS. No charge.
Join the many helping hands working together to assemble the Community Center Calendar mailing. Treats served.

6/20 (TH): Craft: Watercolor Luminaries

1:00-3:00. In SP. Cost: $5.00
Join us as we create beautiful watercolor luminaries out of mason jars! We will provide the jar, paint, and any other supplies that are need. All you need to bring is your creativity! Space is limited.

6/21 (F): Balance Class

1:00-2:00. In SP. Cost: $5.00
Strength, balance, and physical endurance are sure to improve with this class. Each class will consist of strength training, cardiovascular and balance exercises all designed for the unique needs of seniors. Interested in preventing falls, building strength and improving flexibility, then come and see if it is a good fit for you. Our trainer, Angela, can change-up the exercises to individual needs, and also important, she keeps it fun! Space is limited.

6/24 (M): High Tea

1:30-3:00. In SP. Cost: $3.00
This is for men and women. We will experience a Vision Loss Resources version of a High Tea. Join us for a fun afternoon sipping a variety of teas, caffeinated and herbals, as well as other beverage choices. We’ll enjoy some special “high tea-style” foods, including little sandwiches and desserts. If you feel whimsical, wear a summer hat. Plan your rides for 3:00 to 3:10 pm. Space is limited.

6/25 (T): Ad. Tech: Android Phone

10:00-12:00. In SP. Cost: $10.00
We will be learning all about what the Android phone can do. Please bring headphones or earbuds to class.

6/28 (F): Pottery

10:00-12:00. In SP. Cost: $5.00
Join us as we work on hand-built clay projects. Come make plates, cups, or create whatever comes to the imagination. No experience necessary. Space is limited.


VLR Low Vision Support Groups

VLR offers numerous low vision support groups in the Twin Cities for individuals to meet for support, comradery, and information. Want to get connected? Contact us at 651-224-7662. You may be asked to complete a free in-home assessment before attending so we can get to know you and match you to the right group!

VLR Online Low Vision Support Group

VLR has started an online support group for people with vision loss. If you are interested in being connected please email Sarah Mayberry at or Renee Waclaw at

Independent Living Skills Course at VLR

Need some help learning how to manage your vision loss? Take our 4-week Independent Living Skills course, which covers the Emotional Impact of Vision Loss, Orientation and Mobility, Technology and Communication, Organization & Labeling, Writing, Ways to Enhance Remaining Vision, Food Prep Techniques, and Money Management. Lunch is provided.

June Dates: Thursdays June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th from 10am to 3pm at our St. Paul location.

To register: Call 651-224-7662.


Touchable Art Fair at Red Hot Art Festival

Save the date for Saturday, July 13th from 12pm – 3 pm for Stevens Square Park where Vision Loss Resources is partnering with the Red-Hot Art Festival to provide the first “Touchable Art Fair”. Volunteers will be available to provide sighted guide and greater access to the fair for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Come and enjoy over 200 artists, food trucks, hands-on artmaking, and more at this free event in Stevens Square Park. A celebration of the DIY heart and soul of Minneapolis culture. Stay tuned for more information in the July Community Center Calendar!

Flint Hills Family Festival

From May 28th through June 1st in the Ordway, Rice Park and the Landmark Plaza. Roaming volunteer audio-describers will be available there to help. For more information, go to If you decide to attend these other activities, this will be on your own.

Address: 345 Washington St. St. Paul, 55102

Mamma Mia in Audio Description

Go to the Chanhassen Dinner Theaters (501 W. 78th St. Chanhassen 55317) for a live show on Wednesday, July 24th. Lunch is at 11 am and the show starts at 1 pm. Call 952-934-1525 to reserve your AD device, don’t forget to mention the $15 off discount!

The Blind Fellowship Outreach

Free monthly event for the visually-impaired of all denominations. Enjoy a free meal, Bible study, friendship, and music. 2nd Saturdays from 12:00-2:00 at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3430 E 51st Street, Minneapolis. Please RSVP about 2 weeks prior to an event by calling 612-729-5463. Let us know if you need help arranging transportation! Have questions? Please contact Carol Zemke at: 612-799-5782 or Beth Pursley at: 952-221-4717.


RSVP and Cancellation Policy: You must RSVP for all activities. We ask that you RSVP at least 3 working days prior to event to ensure that we have enough registered participants, supplies, and volunteers. Registrants will be notified when classes are canceled due to low enrollment or weather conditions.

RSVP line: 612-843-3439 or

No Early RSVPs: RSVPs that are submitted before 7 AM on the listed date they begin will not be accepted. If you want to attend any events you must submit your RSVP through the RSVP hotline or RSVP email.

VLR Hours: Please schedule your Metro pickups as close to the activity end time as possible. VLR’s hours are 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday (except when there are evening classes and activities). Please schedule your pick-ups before the building closes. Thank you!

No-Show Policy: For activities identified as “Space is limited”, if you accumulate three no-shows in six months, you will be unable to sign-up for activities for one month. Our intention is to continue to make our activities available to everyone who wishes to attend, so please make sure to cancel if you are unable to join us for any reason.

Severe Weather Days: Please call the VLR Weather Hotline at 612-284-8107 to see if VLR offices and activities are open for that day. The hotline will be updated by 6:00 AM if VLR is closing for severe weather. Participants who have RSVP’d for a class will also be notified.

Refund Policy: All events that need to be pre-paid are marked on the calendar. To hold your spot for these events, we must receive your money. If you need to cancel when a ticket is purchased in advance, you will be charged for the ticket unless someone on the waiting list can take your place. If you need to cancel, please call the RSVP line at 612-843-3439 or email

Scholarships: No one is denied participation due to inability to pay. Full and partial scholarships are available. Please leave your scholarship request on the RSVP line.

Visitor Sign-in: Please sign-in and sign-out at the front desk in MPLS.

Photo Policy: When you attend a VLR activity, your image may be recorded for use by VLR and/or our community partners. This use may include printed media, social media, or online uses. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact Iris at VLR: 612-843-3425.


Sharon Karas—Community Center Specialist


Jen Roehl Wittek—Volunteer Manager


Minneapolis Office: 1936 Lyndale Ave S. 55403

Main Line: 612-871-2222

St. Paul Office: 216 S Wabasha St., 55107

Phone: 651-224-7662

Please note: For those being dropped off, parking, or needing an accessible ramp at the Saint Paul office, please use the back entrance (216 Starkey St).

Activity Line: 612-253-5155 to listen to an audio version of the calendar.

RSVP: 612-843-3439 or