One-on-One Training: Travel Skills (Orientation & Mobility)

One-on-One Training: Travel Skills (Orientation & Mobility)


Learn safe and efficient travel skills as you walk in a familiar environment: from opening doors and walking safely and confidently. Is a white cane right for you? If so, how can you use it effectively? We’ll also provide you with materials to give to family and friends to ensure they can serve as effective walking guides with you. This is a 60-minute session provided in your home or at a community location.

Pricing Based on Household Size and Income

Our service pricing is based on a sliding fee scale. This sliding fee scale is based on the 2019 federal poverty guidelines. Please locate your household size and income to determine your rate. If you have questions you can contact or (612) 871-2222 for assistance.

1 person in my household2 people in my household3 or more people in my householdDiscount
$12,140 or less$16,910 or less$21,330 or less100%
$28,104 and over$38,049 and over$47,994 and over0