Independent Living Skills class

Independent Living Skills class


Learn a wide variety of everyday skills in the Independent Living Skills class. This is a one-on-one class that meets once a week for four weeks. We will practice adaptive techniques for daily tasks including cooking, housekeeping, using technology, and getting around the house safely and confidently.

* If you are referred by State Services for the Blind, the total cost is $900 and may be covered by State Services for the Blind. If not, please pay according to fee schedule, starting at $450 total for all four class sessions.

* Update, July 2020: due to COVID-19, this is a one-on-one class. Previously, it had been a small group class.

Pricing Based on Household Size and Income

Our service pricing is based on a sliding fee scale. This sliding fee scale is based on the 2019 federal poverty guidelines. Please locate your household size and income to determine your rate. If you have questions you can contact (612) 871-2222 for assistance.

1 person in my household2 people in my household3 or more people in my householdDiscount
$12,140 or less$16,910 or less$21,330 or less100%
$28,104 and over$38,049 and over$47,994 and over0
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