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Annual Report 2013 Year in Review

Year in Review

Clients served
Clients are provided with a wide range of services in their homes, at our two campuses and at other community locations throughout the seven country metro area. These services enhance the quality of life for our clients and improves the public’s understanding of vision and hearing loss.

Program components include: Individual Assessments, Life Skills Classes, Support Groups, Peer Counseling, educational, cultural and recreational events.

contacts with clients
  • individual assessments
  • life skills classes
  • support groups
  • peer counseling
  • community center events
Support Groups
A time for people to share the emotional aspects of sight loss, investigate solutions and and exchange resource information. Some groups address specific needs, such as the Diabetes & Vision Loss Group or our new Caregivers Support Group.
Participants in the community center
We provide an average of 30 fully accessible educational, social, recreational activities and events each month for blind and visually impaired individuals. Popular events include art projects, book discussion groups, senior technology classes, knitting, and community-based activities.
Volunteer Hours Assisting Clients
Our best volunteer programs are dependent on our blind and visually impaired volunteers. Peer counselors and Phone Pals are past clients. New clients want to connect with people that understand and share their vision loss experience.