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Annual Report 2013 Financials



CPS Sales*   9,370,456
Government Contracts  1,842,243
United Way 287,947
Charitable Donations 328,467
Investment Income/gains 396,291
Other income 13,003
Total Revenue 12,238,407


CPS Sales* 9,054,848
Program Services 1,979,352
Management and General 331,366
Fundraising 28,559
Total Expenses 11,394,125

Current Assets

Cash and Cash Equivalents 4,227,849
Receivables, net 1,618,633
Inventories 1,305,631
Investments 2,146,807
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 224,825
Total Current Assets

Property and Equipment

Property and Equipment 5,687,299
Less accumulated depreciation 2,829,019
Net Property and Equipment 2,858,280
Total Assets 12,382,025
*Vision Loss Resources operates a for-profit business venture, Contract Production Services (CPS), which directly serves our non-profit mission. The earned income from this business gives us a dynamic and powerful way to advance our client centered programming while it’s operation builds solid financial wellbeing. The business pays for many of our over-head costs such as facilities management and 100% of the profits help to pay for our non-profit services each year. This is the largest source of funding for our Community Programing. CPS provides high quality, fast-turn packaging, assembly and light manufacturing services to companies of all sizes in the Twin Cities and throughout the Midwest. Our customers have included 3M, Caribou Coffee, Thymes, Caldera, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Pinta Foamtec, Quaker Pet Group and many more. CPS underwrites new direct services and allows us to grow existing programs which lets us serve clients with broader, deeper offerings. We are incredibly proud of this important supplement to VLR’s revenue stream that offers us a unique financial position among other Twin Cities non-profits. CPS is a 3M Preferred Partner.