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New Book About Minnesotans Living With Vision Loss Will Open Your Eyes

Iris Key, Vision Loss Resources, 612-843-3425

August 14, 2014

New Book About Minnesotans Living With Vision Loss Will Open Your Eyes

An English professor, a ballroom dancer, a golfer…through their loss of sight, you will see clearly the enduring power of the human spirit

Twin Cities, MN (August 14, 2014) – The Way We See It: A Fresh Look at Vision Loss is a 240-page new release from Arcata Press that chronicles the struggles and triumphs of 54 people in the Twin Cities living with vision loss or blindness. The book educates all of us about the realities and challenges of losing sight. Readers will experience each journey and the roller coaster of emotion from these stories of honesty, humor, optimism, anger and hope. Through memoir, narrative and poetry the authors describe how vision loss has transformed their lives.

Pamela Fletcher, an English professor at St. Catherine University, became vision impaired after surgeries and an unexpected reaction to steroids. Pamela recalls how she felt after learning that as a matter of course, her doctor’s colleague had injected a steroid cocktail into her left eye to aid recovery after surgery when it was made clear steroids could damage her vision.

“What? I felt stunned and angry. How could he have done this, especially after he
had advised me a few years earlier to stop using a cream containing a steroid because it caused my oc¬ular pressures to rise to dangerous levels? Had he for-gotten to document the incident? Feeling vulnerable and dismayed, I wondered how I could ever trust any doctor again. Yet I soon realized that if I focused on feeling powerless, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.”

The rest of Pamela’s story is almost unbelievable, but very hopeful as well.


Edina resident Wally Hinz also tells his story in the book. He is blind. But his handicap hasn’t stopped him from continuing to play golf. Here is a snippet from his story:


“As we put the clubs back, my buddy asked: ‘Did you have that slice when you could see?’
“ ‘Yeah, why?’
“ ‘Hinz, the blindness is not your problem. You’re a lousy golfer.’ ”

“Golf has been a lot of fun for me. Frankly, I’m playing better golf since I lost my sight than I did when I could see.”

The Way We See It is filled with local people whose stories and experiences after vision loss are humorous, frightening, heartwarming, and challenging. It is a centennial book project marking the 100-year anniversary of Twin Cities-based Vision Loss Resources, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community of services, skills and support for people with vision loss. Already The Way We See It is getting high praise for its ability to touch a wide audience.
“The Way We See It is an honest, candid look at vision loss from the perspective of individuals who live with it every day. You will be inspired by their stories, their insights, and their determination. This thoughtful compilation of stories captures the resiliency of the human spirit and the value of community support.”

— Marla Runyan, author of No Finish Line, two-time U.S. Olympian, legally blind since age nine

“Storytelling is at the essence of our human experi¬ence and of connecting us one to another. Powerful stories, told with true authenticity enrich lives and strengthen communities. Vision Loss Resources’ book is filled with inspiring stories that are a gift to all of us. Reading it you will come away with a wealth of perspectives and truths in the lives of those living with vision loss. As our population ages, we all will benefit from greater empathy and understanding as vision loss affects even more people across our communities.”

— Lucy Swift, Vice President of Minnesota Productions and Partnerships, Minnesota Public

The Way We See It is an anthology compiled by Vision Loss Resources. It is available September 1, 2014 at or your favorite local bookseller.