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Psst… Pass it on! We Have Stories of Hope

May 12, 2014

Book CoverThis month we launch the book “The Way We See It, A Fresh Look at Vision Loss”.

This book, as you will read on our website and Facebook page, is an amazing anthology of stories written by clients and friends of Vision Loss Resources. The purpose is to share with the sighted world that losing your vision or living with vision loss is not the end of the world.

Storytelling is so powerful and the authors of this book are powerful storytellers. They tell of unimaginable loss– the loss of their vision. They tell of their darkest moments, the skills they learned to adjust to their loss, the friends they made, and the laughter they have shared on their amazing journeys.

Why would people who have blindness or a visual impairment share their deepest darkest fears, sorrows, joys and laughter with people they don’t even know? Because they know that vision loss can happen to anyone, at any time, and they wanted to share their experiences and their hope. The authors wanted to share with you that there is life after vision loss and whatever you are feeling they have felt it too. They want the sighted world to know that they have been down the road of losing their vision to a disease they never heard of or an accident they thought would never happen to them. They want to share that this is a survivable occurrence and with a lot of help from their family and friends they have learned to survive and thrive and go on to write a book about it!

So please take a look at the book “The Way We See It, A Fresh Look at Vision Loss”.

Read it, share it with your family and friends. Be part of the solution of taking vision loss and low vision out of the dark and into the light. Our clients had the courage to share their stories with you. Now will you share them with someone you know who may need their experience, strength and hope?