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Summer garden

At Vision Loss Resources’ Saint Paul location, there is a garden with a variety of vegetables and flowers, and it is doing great this summer. The Gardening Group had high hopes when they planted zucchini in May. This week, the Knitting Group, with Lyn Johnson, harvested the zucchini and made a delicious treat. This week, […]

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What do occasional gardeners do?

By Paulette Henderson What to do when the clients with vision loss in the Garden Group want to get out and plant, but it rains at every meeting? The early plantings of vegetables and herbs in the Vision Loss Resources straw bale garden seemed to sit and sulk, while the volunteer mushrooms added height with […]

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How our garden group grew

By Paulette Henderson “Straw into gold.” That’s what Rumplestiltskin wished for in the fairy tale, and that’s what we’re hoping for in the Vision Loss Resources garden. But unlike fortune-hunter Stiltskin, the gold we’re looking for will be fragrant, curly herbs, bright vegetables and enormous pumpkins, all growing out of straw bales. Last fall, one […]

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