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Useful Kitchen Tools for the Visually Impaired

useful tools to use in the kitchen vision loss resourcesYou don’t have to stop preparing meals for your family and friends because you’re visually impaired.  There are some handy, everyday tools and useful gadgets available so you can continue to do what you love to do — create fabulous meals. 

In the Home 

Scissors – Have you ever struggled to open a package, spilling the contents all over the counter or floor?  Next time avoid the whole mess and use a scissors to cut open the package.  Be sure to keep the scissors in a convenient spot so you can easily reach them when needed. 

Funnels – A set of funnels in small, medium and large helps the pouring of wet and dry ingredients from one container to another.  Here’s a tip.  The next time you make coffee, use a funnel to pour the water in the coffee maker’s reservoir.  

Needle Nose Pliers – These pliers are helpful to use to open a carton of milk or juice.  Also especially useful for people with arthritic hands to help them get a better grasp on small or difficult objects. 

Turkey Baster — A great tool to remove grease from a pan. 

Common Tools Found At Local Stores 

One-Touch Can Opener – This device easily and safely removes from all ring-pull cans, such as soup cans. 

Ov Gloves — These gloves are a must, especially if you have a gas stove.  Made from the same material as firemen gloves, these gloves will protect hands up to four hundred degrees.  Also great for handling hot objects, plus they aren’t nearly as bulky as the average oven mitts. 

Low Vision Stores 

Big and Bold Timer — Easy to see the numbers and set baking times with the large black numbers on an 8-inch white dial. 

Talking Timer — A timer that counts down the time and periodically announces the remaining time.   Also speaks the time with a push of a button.  Magnetic pocket clip makes it easy to carry and can be placed on metal surface. 

Raised Dot Timer – Similar to a hand timer, this timer has dots at five-minute intervals.  Time is identified by touch. 

Talking Meat Thermometer — With the press of a button, this device announces the temperature of food. 

These are just a few of the tools readily available to help you better prepare your meals.  

To schedule an in-home assessment or learn more about the classes offered here at Vision Loss Resources, call 612-871-2222 today.

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