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There’s an App for That – Featured Apps for April

technology-iconEvery month during our “There’s an App for That” class, we feature various accessible apps. This month we looked at non 3rd party apps or Apple developed / provided. – These apps are already on your device so they are included in your original price and cannot be deleted. (Siri is not an app – She is part of the operating system and can be turned on and off. Voice Over is not Siri. For those interested, we do a group class on Siri.)

Below is a list of the categories and the app that we featured for that category.

App Category: Internet Search Engine
App name: Safari
App Notes: Reader available, Add to home screen

App Category: Email
App Name: Mail
App Notes: use any format of mail yahoo, earthlink, gmail, etc.

App Category: App Store
App Name: App Store
App Notes: Must remember Apple id and password. VIA app

App Category: alarms
App Name: Clock
App Notes: alarms, timers, stop watch available here

App Category: Reading
App Name: iBooks
App Notes: Apple’s version of book reader, similar to Nook, and Kindle.

Visit our Community Center page for all the listing of all of our Technology Classes during the month

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