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KAMP: Kitchen Appliance Marking Program

Posted October 16, 2013

We had a great meeting with the Xcel Energy Kitchen Appliance Marking Program (KAMP) volunteers here at Vision Loss resources yesterday where the volunteers were trained on how to mark appliances in the homes of the visually impaired, a service that is available to our clients.

This partnership with Xcel Energy started nearly 25 years ago with what was then Northern States Power Company.  The KAMP volunteers, often retired, go to the homes of the visually impaired to look at all of their appliances, such as the stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, thermostat, remotes, etc., and do the marking, which are raised dots or a material that can be felt by fingertips to mark frequently used settings on appliances.  

It is another wonderful community connection.  Oftentimes the KAMP volunteers visit with the clients and offer to come out again if there are problems or something new needs to be marked. 

Ed Lecher from State Services for the Blind also attended yesterday’s training session and shared with the group the services they have available for seniors.

Ceace Haagensen with Community Affairs at Xcel Energy wrapped up the orientation session by saying, “Best part of my job is getting to work with retirees and getting to know them.”

We agree.  Thank you KAMP volunteers for all that you do.


Vision Loss Resources (formerly called Minneapolis and St. Paul Societies for the Blind), was founded in 1914. We are Minnesota’s leading provider of information and referral, rehabilitation and support services for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Vision Loss Resources is a private, non-profit United Way affiliated organization.

Contact us for additional information and how we can help you or someone close to you. 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A KAMP volunteers touches the markings
  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ellen, Vision Loss Counselor, demonstrates markings
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ed, State Services or the Blind,  talks about their services
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Orientation and training session

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ellen from Vision Loss Resources with Cease, Xcel Energy
Laurel with Xcel Energy, Ellen with Vision Loss Resources, and Ed with State Services for the Blind





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