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Share a story about your vision loss journey

Vision Loss Resources invites you, our clients, to tell your stories in our centennial celebration book. The authors are you, the visually impaired folks we serve, and your friends, the people who work with you, and your families.

The book will be an anthology of stories about vision loss. Some people have submitted two or three stories.

Some talk about the funny times, some send poetry about their vision loss, some write about heart-wrenching moments, or challenges met and overcome.

We are working with Arcata Press, publishers of the Saint Paul Almanac on this project.

If you don’t know where to start, come to the Centennial Book writing workshop on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Vision Loss Resources  in Minneapolis

Professional writers will be here to give you tips to inspire and improve your writing.

If you have a story in the development stage, you can bring a printout and get feedback. Recorders will be provided if you’d like us to capture your story at the workshop.

The deadline for the book is in September, so don’t delay.

Inspiration for your story 

One of the writers working with us, Wendy Brown Baez offers these topics to start/inspire your writing for the Vision Loss Resources centennial book.

Here they are:

  • The turning point: Who you are now compared to who you were
  • Blessings in disguise
  • Champions (mentors, guides, people who love you the way you are, who encourage you)
  • In public: the well-meaning, the clueless and the rude
  • The extraordinary in the ordinary
  • The hardest moment/ task/ realization/ adjustment and how you overcame
  • Special abilities or skills discovered
  • Favorite past-times
  • From despair to hope
  • Experiences that test your resolve
  • Family
  • Work
  • Wabi-sabi: the purposeful flaw or imperfection
  • Faith
  • Kinesthetic pleasures
  • Mirrors and shadows
  • Energy: how has the energy you use to do ordinary things changed
  • A moment that changed your attitude, your understanding, your perception, or your perspective

Come to the July 17 writing workshop at VLRW in Minneapolis and get advice from Wendy and the other writers.

Book titles, a work in progress

The Centennial Book Project committee, composed of clients of Vision Loss Resources, are collecting and generating ideas for titles for the book. Here are some offered at the last committee meeting. (The title has not been chosen. More will be offered in the coming months.)

  • How We See It
  • From Our Viewpoint
  • If You Could See What We See
  • If You Could See What We Hear
  • Veiled Vision
  • Blind Sighted
  • Blindsided
  • Viewpoints on Vision
  • Viewpoints on Vision Loss
  • Welcome To Our World
  • How We See It (words inside of a large magnifying glass on front cover)
  • Seeing it Our Way
  • Vital Life Restored (Fit together with Vision Loss Resources).
  • The Blind Truth
  • Sight Unseen
  • Blind Perceptions
  • Little Victories
  • Shattered Sight
  • Shattered Vision
  • The Truth about Vision Loss
  • The Truth About Blindness

Ideas for Subtitles

(mix and match?)

  • Memoirs of Adaptation to Blindness
  • Conquering the Fear of Blindness
  • Insight for the Legally Blind
  • Memoirs of the Road to Blindness
  • Memoirs of Challenge, Coping and Courage
  • Memoirs, Mishaps and Musings
  • Snapshots, Snipits and Memories
  • Memoirs of calamity, Coping and Courage
  • Living in the Shadows
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