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Minnesota Pro-Tactile Training Update

By Paul Deeming, M.S., C.I., DBSM Services and Training Coordinator

The premiere Pro-Tactile Training event in September was well received and successful! Eight DeafBlind community leaders (three from Minnesota and five from four other states in the region) were trained by Pro-Tactile creators Jelica Nuccio and aj granda from Seattle in the three-day event to be qualified to provide training to others. In addition, 10 DeafBlind Minnesotans and 20 professionals who work as either interpreters or support service providers (“SSP”) received training. Funding for this training was provided by the Minnesota Dept. of Human Services’ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division, the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University, and Vision Loss Resources/DeafBlind Services Minnesota. Special thanks to David Anderson and the staff at the Ramada Inn and to Angela Ziebol of DnA Travels, Inc. for inkind and financial supports.

Plans for additional trainings in Minnesota are under development by the project team and will be announced at a later date. It is important to note that Pro-Tactile tends to be very “organic” in nature; people who have learned the skills have begun using them and informally teaching it to others as they interact. The use of Pro-Tactile and the acceptance of the philosophy of Pro-Tactile will continue to spread within the community.

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