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We love to give back: a volunteering field trip

Recently, a group of volunteers from the community center at Vision Loss Resources visited Feed My Starving Children to pack and label food destined for hungry children around the world.

We’re so proud of our clients for their passion for volunteer work, and we’re grateful to the volunteers who helped our clients do this work.

Juliette and friends on the food packing line.

Juliette and friends on the food packing line.

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization committed to providing food to children in need. Feed My Starving Children has several locations around the country, including three here in the Twin Cities, in Eagan, Coon Rapids, and Chanhassen. As volunteers, we hand-packed meals that are specially formulated for malnourished children; we also labeled the bags for easy identification. Feed My Starving Children will send this food to orphanages, schools, clinics and feeding programs around the world.

 Are you interested in participating in activities like this? Do you know someone with low vision or blindness who would like to give back to the community as part of a fun team? To learn more about our Community Center, call 612-843-3400 or 651-224-7662, email, or read the calendar of events and activities online.  

Are you interested in volunteering at Vision Loss Resources throughout the metro area? For more information on volunteer opportunities, call 612-843-3400 or 651-224-7662, email us at, or visit our website

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