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A gift of color from the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild

Imagine having a weekly gathering of friends: you get together for coffee, conversation, a good laugh, and a chance to work on your latest knitting project. Sounds great, right? Now you know what some of our clients love about Vision Loss Resources’ Community Center activities. One of the most popular groups at Vision Loss Resources is the gathering of talented knitters and crocheters who are visually impaired or blind, with friends, family, and volunteers. They donate their beautiful knitted goods to charitable organizations.

And now they have a beautiful rainbow of yarn to use in their projects!

The Minnesota Knitters’ Guild donated 357 skeins of yarn to Vision Loss Resources in July 2017. Our clients were absolutely thrilled to receive this generous donation!

For more about and how your donation — volunteer time, yarn, financial support — can change lives, click here.

A group of knitters around a table, with a pile of yarn in the middle

Our weekly knitting group is called 3Fs (Fiber, Fabric, and Friends)




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