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A Canoe Trip

By Juliette Silvers, Vision Loss Resources client 

canoe trip vision loss resources june 2013 2Thank you Vision Loss Resources for connecting with Wilderness Inquiry for the recent canoe trip on Lake Calhoun on June 18. 

I cannot remember the last time I paddled a canoe, but this short trip has been my favorite. The weather couldn’t have been better, the cameradie terrific,  and the Wilderness Inquiry  were friendly, knowledgeable and low key. 

I loved being able to examine the boat and help put it in the water and take out of the water.  I enjoyed the feel of seaweed and lily pads rush through my fingers as I trailed a hand through the water. 

I hope to go on some longer trips with Vision Loss Resources and Wilderness Inquiry in the future and that this is just the beginning of a fantastic journey.

canoe trip vision loss resources june 2013 Morning of June 18, before departing

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