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Agenda for Centennial Book writing workshop July 17 at VLRW

Introduction: Pamela

Project Overview

Thinking like a writer, reading like a writer

Introducing ourselves as writers

The importance of revision

Submission process


The elements of Story: Patricia

We will hear a short piece and discuss what makes it strong

What sticks with you?

What intrigues you?


The Craft of Writing: Wendy

Elements of story: sensual details and why they matter

Setting: time and place

Pacing: description, dialogue, decisions

Vivid characters: how to create intimacy with readers

Plot: surprise, resolution, transformation, change


Lunch break


Group Process: Patricia

Critiquing a short piece: what worked, what is lacking


Break into small groups for mentoring of manuscripts

2 writers at a time work with Pamela or Patricia

for generating new material: Wendy


Conclusion: Pamela

Where will you go from here?



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