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Support Service Providers, DeafBlind Services Minnesota

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DeafBlind Services Minnesota

Are you interested in working with Adult Community Services providing support to self-determined deafblind adults age 22 and up, living throughout Minnesota? We are seeking candidates for our Support Services Providers (SSPs) positions, who can work with unique needs and communication styles of deafblind adults, assist them with activities of daily living such as grocery shopping, banking, running errands, reading mail and filling out forms. They also assist the deafblind with accessing their community life and information in their environment. If you have: knowledge of sign language and different modes of communication, knowledge of deafness, blindness and deaf-blindness, friendliness, compassion, knowledge of different modes of communication. Along with a service orientation, excellent work ethic, and the ability to set boundaries. Experience working with adults with special needs and American Sign Language proficiency plus.

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